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  • Can I bring my pet?

  • What are some of the local attractions and events?

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  • Can I bring my small child (children)?

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  • How far is it to the shops and restaurants?

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  • Do I need a vehicle to get around?

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What time is check-in and check-out?


Check-in is 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm.  In order to be sure we are here to show you in, we ask that you let us know your estimated arrival time.  If there is a scheduling problem, we will arrange with you to pick up the key. 


Check-out time is 11:00 am. 


We are flexible and willing to do our best to accommodate special requests.  Late check-out is dependent upon whether another guest is arriving the same day. 





Payment is handled by Airbnb who will add the appropriate taxes and cleaning fee to your bill.





Booking and cancellations are handled through Airbnb



Can I bring my pet?


Sorry, we are an animal free facility.  Much as we would like to accommodate pets and Service Animals, the space is used by us when we don't have guests booked and Lucie is allergic to animal fur and dander.

What are some of the local attractions and events?


The quaint Village of Cambria is located on California scenic Highway 1, about 25 miles south of Big Sur.  Sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean it is about 240 miles south of San Francisco and 240 miles north of Los Angeles on Highway 101 and Rte 46 West.

Officially named Cambria Pines by the Sea (Cambria), is surrounded by a rare Monterey Pine forest featuring many hiking trails.  In addition to stunning scenery, Cambria enjoys a near perfect mild climate.  There are summer fogs and windy days, but no matter how warm the day, the temperature goes down at night.  We have two seasons, dry from May to October and rainy from November to April (more or less).


Although Cambria is a small village, it is on a major tourist route and is accustomed to entertaining and feeding travelers from all over the world.  There are specialty shops, good restaurants, family restaurants and venues offering live music as well as art galleries and occasional live theater.  Following are some suggestions for your stay in Cambria.

We recommend you visit the web page for the Cambria Chamber of Commerce

http://www.cambriachamber.org/calendar.php and https://visitcambriaca.com/events for current information.  Under “what to do in Cambria”  we list links to some of the most popular Cambria attractions.


​World famous Hearst Castle (California’s most visited State owned park) is about 6 miles to the north in San Simeon.  There are a variety tours daily and reservations are highly recommended.  Also, bring your identification.  http://hearstcastle.org


Within a 25-mile radius of the apartment there are over 100 wineries and wine tasting venues in the Paso Robles area including Cambria, Harmony, Templeton and Atascadero.  Check  https://pasorobleswineries.net/wineries-a-to-z/   There are various wine festivals throughout the year.  


About 12 miles north is the Elephant Seals Viewing Area which is a large Elephant Seal colony where each year starting in mid December through January and February as many as 5,000 pups are born on the beach.  The huge males come to the beach and spar for territory in late November and early December.  The pregnant females show up and form harems of up to 30 females around the successful males whose job it is to protect them and then mate with them after they have weaned their pup.  Then the males and females leave and the youngsters are left on the beach to figure out how to survive.  So winter is the most exciting time to see them.  However there are usually animals on the beach throughout the year as they come in to molt, leave and return for the mating season.  http://www.elephantseal.org

Moonstone Beach is a scenic walk on boardwalk or beach.  Great spot for viewing the sunset.  You will likely see harbor seals, sea otters, shore birds;  you might see whales, porpoises, pelicans, vultures, gulls, heron and cormorants.



Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. Various scenic trails.  You will likely see sea lions, various shore and water birds, humans walking dogs on leash.  You might see borrowing owl, egret, heron, rabbit,  deer, wild turkey, and whales.



Piedras Blancas Historic Light Station has tours throughout the year..  This is a location where scientists around August set up to count grey whales as they migrate from Mexico to Alaska.  Check out their info, including tour times at:  http://www.piedrasblancas.org


Horse lovers you can’t miss this—Covell Clydesdale Ranch.  Riding and tours of the ranch.  Check it out at  https://www.covellsclydesdaleranch.com

Want to taste olive oils?  There is a shop in Cambria.  Go to



Visit Stepladder Ranch where they raise goats and make cheese.  Check it out at



Linn’s is a family run Cambria business which started off growing Olallieberries and went on from there.  Check  https://linnsfruitbin.com


For a complete calendar of restaurants, live music lectures and other events go to:



Here are a few annual events and festivals you may be interested to attend:



November. Many events and offerings around Thanksgiving.  Great time also to start seeing Elephant Seals.  Check out Chamber of Commerce http://www.cambriachamber.org/calendar.php

Nov. 29 the Cambria Christmas Market and Light show opens.  It runs through Dec 23.  Check out  https://cambriachristmasmarket.com/

Dec 5.  Cambria Hospitality Night

December 20 through Jan 1:  be sure to make reservations for holiday dinners and New Years Eve celebrations soon.  Check out the Chamber of Commerce for some ideas




January 24 - 26.  Cambria Art and Wine Festival. http://www.cambriaartwine.org

February 6 - 9.  Cambria International Film Festival. http://www.cambriafilmfestival.com

February 20 - 23 Paso Robles BLENDFEST.  https://pasowine.com/events/blendfest-on-the-coast/

March & April. Evening tours at Hearst Castle http://hearstcastle.org

April 4 & 5. Eroica California cycling event. https://www.eroica.cc

May. Time to see the fabulous Central Coast wildflowers, celebrate Mothers Day and Bee Faire  Check here for more information. http://www.cambriachamber.org/calendar.php

June 20. Classic Car show and chili cookout. http://www.cambriachamber.org/jun.php

July 4th. 4th of July in Shamel Park day-long celebration ending with fireworks over the ocean

August 29, 30 & 31  Opening of Pinedorado  with parade https://www.pinedorado.com/Pinedorado.htm

October   Open Studios throughout SLO County.  Check it out at. https://artsobispo.org

October 1 - 31 Cambria Scarecrow festival.  http://www.cambriascarecrows.com

​October 25   Camp Ocean Pines Harvest Festival.  http://campoceanpines.org/harvest-festival

Farmers Market

Farmers’ Market every Friday from 2:30 to 5:00 pm.


Can I bring my small child (children)?


The apartment has two fold out sofas which are suitable for older children who are counted as additional guests.  For infants (under 2-years old) there is no additional charge if you bring your own sleeping crib.  The apartment is not child proofed.  You are 100% responsible for the safety of any children and please be particularly vigilant if you use the fireplace or are cooking.


What about the water shortage?


Cambria has been in drought for several years.  All providers of hospitality including accommodations and restaurants have instituted policies to save water.  In our case, we request you follow the house rules about short showers, not running water unnecessarily, etc.  You do need to rinse dishes before using the dishwasher.  We prefer you not use the bath tub; but if you must, there is a surcharge of $10 to offset the cost of water.



How far is the beach?


The walk to Moonstone Beach is about 300 feet.  The state park includes a boardwalk on the bluffs overlooking the beach which is about a mile long and ends at a picnic area where there are tide pools and viewing of sea otters and harbor seals.  There are no promises; but it is possible to see whales, porpoises, a variety of sea birds, and surfers.  This is a great place to view sunsets.


People are allowed to walk dogs on leash on the boardwalk, but not on the beach.


How far is it to the shops and restaurants?


On Moonstone Beach Drive there are two restaurants within walking distance, the Sea Chest and Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill.  The West Village of Cambria is about four blocks.  The East Village is more like a mile along Main street.  There are shops, galleries and restaurants in both Villages.


Is there a grocery store?

There is the Cookie Crock Supermarket.  Check http://www.cookiecrock.com/  just a block off Main St.  They have a deli, butcher shop, local wines and some organics, open from 8:00am to 9:00pm (8:00pm on Sundays).  In addition there is a health food store at 2244 Main St in the East Village  called True Earth Market.  Finally, there is a Farmers’ Market in the Vet’s hall parking lot on Main Street every Friday from 2:30 to 5:30pm (5:00pm in Winter).


Do I need a vehicle to get around?


Cambria does not have much in the way of public transportation.  Most people walk or ride a bicycle.  If you are going out at night you should probable use your vehicle as there aren't sidewalks everywhere and only a few street lights.  There are bike rental stands in various locations.   https://bike.zagster.com/cambria/  You can bring your own bicycle and we will arrange to put in our garage for you.  The Central Coast is a great place to cycle and there are several large cycling events which come through Cambria.  Uber and Lyft have a presence.


What about WiFi?


Free WiFi is available.  There is no television but there is a Smart-screen with free Streaming access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc.